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RetailCraft Podcast #41 – ”More of a Partner” – Molly Dobson of Currys Business

Molly Dobson is the Managing Director of Currys Business, the B2B operation of the long-established Currys brand, that covers white goods to smart devices via outdoors electricals and gaming… basically anything with a plug or voltage! See www.currys.co.uk. Molly explodes into our studio like a positive force of nature, and takes us at a gallop through the business, the service approach, and how expertise, people, systems and great service come together into the B2B offering. We hear of Molly’s career and how the data+customer obsession has been a connective line through her roles.

Molly takes us through how to balance “service with a capital and small ‘s’” and how to attach that service element to products. We go through the weird and wonderful and perhaps dwell for a while on pink flamingoes, yet the central core is a commitment to the business customer.

This chat changed our views on Currys and B2B.


Run time: 40 minutes


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Currys Business: https://business.currys.co.uk/ and https://www.linkedin.com/company/currysbusiness/

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Molly Dobson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mollydobson/ 

Georgia Scott: https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgiajones1/ 

Ian Jindal: www.linkedin.com/in/ianjindal/   and www.twitter.com/ianjindal 

[ 🎙️📷 ]Recorded and engineered at Spiritland Studios, UK.

Episode photo credit: Ian Jindal ( www.instagram.com/ianjindal )