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RetailCraft Podcast #36 – ”Discerning and Resourceful” – Jennifer North of Hobbycraft

Joining us in the studio at the end of 2022, Jennifer North, Head of Digital Experience at Hobbycraft, gives us an eye-opening insight to the demanding, innovative craft and hobby market in the UK, and their multipronged and entrepreneurial position.

We hear about the craft customer – artists, hobbyists, businesses and the growing “sidehustle” generation of digitally-amplified creators – and how their demands and behaviours changed over the pandemic and now into 2023.

Jenny covers loyalty, subscriptions, apps, customer insight… as well as a fascinating glimpse at their customers’ requirements – listen out for the hand-knitted nativity set and the laser-cut materials!

The briefest glimpse at https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/ will show the range and depth of the offering – along with a view of the triumph to present in a scaling, engaging experience.


Run time: 33 minutes


Jennifer North: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennyanorth/

Jamie Merrick: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiemerrick/

Ian Jindal: www.linkedin.com/in/ianjindal/  and www.twitter.com/ianjindal

Recorded and engineered at Spiritland Studios, UK.

Episode photo credit: Ian Jindal (https://www.instagram.com/ianjindal )