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Starbucks Reserve New York Roastery

Shows the coffee-loving passion and obsession of the brand – from roasting through preparation and eduction – not your old Starbucks!

The vast, corner plot is a Danish-design-meets-NYC-warehouse vibs, dominated by a central food/bar/servery, an enermous roasters linked to the bar by vacuum pipes, plus a very adult liquor bar, seating areas with open fires and an ice-cream area. The focus throughout is upon the craft of coffee roasting, brewing, extraction and enjoyment.
Staff in faux-cockney hipster outfits are there to guide, usher, cajole and help in equal measure. At busy times there is a queue around the outside corner to get in.

“Taking its cue from the indomitable spirit of New Yorkers and the hardworking ethos of the meatpacking district, the New York Roastery is both workshop and stage, a three-dimensional window into the coffee journey. It’s an honor to share this immersive experience with you in New York.”