Ian Jindal

Leadership and transformation in multichannel retail and eCommerce

Samsung 837

Samsung goes one further than the Apple Store

A surprising experience place that majors on Samsung’s range of mobile and technical gadgetry in an Apple-Store-plus setting. Theatre, demos, experiences and assistance. Competent and bustling space.
The store also includes home settings – kitchen, laundry, TVs and all of these get equal ‘lifestyle treatment’ with the consumer electronics.
Overall this is a brand-building experience that mixes the benefits of retail (show, experience, demonstration, adjacencies), with social/event/activity, and links to conclude purchases in partner stores eg buy in Samsung store, collect at a nearby Target.
Knowledgeable staff complete the experience. Possible the best CE brand-store offering, that makes Apple’s nearby stores feel sterile and limited.

“A first-of-its kind cultural destination, digital playground and Marketing Center of Excellence”