Ian Jindal

Leadership and transformation in multichannel retail and eCommerce


Confident, swish, if off-the-track setting for this luxury second-hand handbag operation – luxurious lounge meets science lab and robot warehouse. A must-see.

The out of the way location is hidden in plain sight – 4th floor of a residential building, after two sets of security – you need to be “intentional” to get there! Once inside, having checked in or registered, there’s a 200m walk with glimpses of colour-coded racks of handbags. The main area is like first class lounge – bags, concierges, sofas, and fun “guess the fake” tests that push your ability to tell a good fake from a vintage bag. Through the glass you see the appraisors and photography studio. There is a “kaitenzushi”-style conveyor belt to retrieve bags. On-site you can buy, sell or trade.

Purveyor of preowned ultra-luxury accessories.

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