Ian Jindal

Leadership and transformation in multichannel retail and eCommerce

UK Emetrics Summit

The agenda for the Emetrics Summit in London (29-30 March 2007) has been released and I’m pleased to be providing a succinct contribution to the proceedings:

You are well aware of the value of web analytics. Now it’s time for the insider’s look at what’s really worth pursuing and what should be avoided. Ian’s challenge to clients, readers etc is to start from ‘actionable scenarios’ when implementing emetrics systems (especially the very challenging, enterprise-scale ones) and how to ensure that the business focuses upon actions and not ‘analysis-paralysis’. Ian takes a look at pragmatic considerations for very senior marketers and commercial people, and provides a view of how emetrics is seen, valued, abused and lauded around the board table.

It’s shaping up to be a really interesting couple of days with some great speakers. Worth attending just for the networking and insight opportunities.

Expect some good information too. As Jim Sterne said (rather severely) to all speakers:

As I’ve said previously, this audience pretty much understands the what – they want insight into the how…

Should be a fun event!