Ian Jindal

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The Fantastic World of the Portuguese Sardine

A flagship, cartoon-like store, featuring tinned Portuguese sardines. The decor is Phileas Fogg meets Circus, and the inescapable reality of canned fish is dressed up as a humorous, gifting experience that feels at home in Time Square.

Imagine the brief: “make tinned sardines into a consumer item”. Then you have the budget to open a store on Times Square. The store celebrates the industry and the food, and reminds us that canned fish is an ideal present that is allowed in hand luggage! Staff are friendly and unphased to be selling fish; the store fitout is fun and committed to the theme; and there are nice twists (like tins marked by year and the momentous events in that year). This could not be more New York.

“Here, the sea becomes the illustrious master of ceremonies of a fascinating variety show, where artists and audiences, from the most noble to the most popular, share the stage to celebrate its grandeur and generosity.”