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Nike House of Innovation

Vibrant exemplar of a flagship store

The store is a riot of people, noise, 2-floor suspended audio-visual “Sputnik” sound system, with greeters, see-though basketball court (sport changes seasonally), customisation areas, animated greeters (high-fiving all visitors, whooping and rushing around) and the noise of people, people, people!

The staffing is high, store fit is high and regularly refreshed, and the commitment to maintaining the experience is impressive.

Whether collecting online orders, trying product, learning from expert staff, customising or simply enjoying hanging out (or trying the tutorials and sports clinics), Nike have succeeded in creating a destination that can be visited regularly without tiring of the experience.

The mobile app is integrated into the store experience really well and is worth downloading prior to your visit.

“NYC Welcomes Nike NYC

New York doesn’t dream crazy, we dream crazier, we dream bigger, and for us, nothing is big enough. Celebrating the true spirit of New York and the future of sport in the city, New York welcomes Nike NYC, House of Innovation 000 at 650 Fifth Ave New York, NY.

Every floor in Nike NYC will offer unique and immersive experiences designed to serve consumers throughout the entire shopping journey.”