Ian Jindal

Leadership and transformation in multichannel retail and eCommerce

Golden Goose

Their third “Forward Store” concept that blends experience, craft, co-creation and sustainability – “repair, remake, resell, and recycle” – in a boutique flagship with quirky design and interaction.

From custom embroidery (to new and old products), repair services (Sartoria’s tailoring and an in-house cobbler), with a labs service that allows you to clean, customise and repair sneakers from any brand, this is a place to extend the life of your clothes while taking part in the craft processes to customise and extend life.
The basement’s raw concrete chic is offset with green walls and many interaction and customisation areas. Brand devotees could spend hours in the store, and the high staff-to-consumer ratio is managed by door security.
The store manages to balance the “soho hype beast” energy with an earnest and well-realised approach to lengthening a product’s life. It’s a blend of urban-chic hype with Japanese make-and-mend and Venetian craft. Seductive, compelling and fun.

“Our family is ingnited by energy, positivity, and shared values. We let each individual’s creativity flows, we put our trust in each other and in our dreams. Everybody can be a part of this: being Golden means sharing these ideals and making them your own. This is who we are and what we represent: a patchwork of stories, memories, and experiences that bring us together.”