Ian Jindal

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Glossier NYC

Veteran DNVB’s new store brings them into the east Soho mainstream. Inclusive and experiential, it’s an embodiment of the brand.

Ironically this store is in the same location that Amazon had for its “4-Star” store, but the makeover of pastel pink and sweeping areas transforms the space. While not quite the aladdin’s cave of the first-floor hideaway of yore, this is more accessible without losing the magic.

“Glossier, Inc. was founded in 2014 on the belief that beauty isn’t built in a boardroom—it happens when you’re a part of the process. We got our start with Into The Gloss, a beauty website devoted to people sharing the products they love, and our source for inspiration and information.

Now, we’re building the future beauty company where everything we make starts with you. We create the products you tell us you wish existed. We believe in thoughtful design, and enabling conversation (which is where it all starts). But most of all, we believe that beauty is about having fun, wherever you are in your journey.”