Ian Jindal

Leadership and transformation in multichannel retail and eCommerce

Speaking on the Global Elite at Rakuten’s “Dealmaker Europe”

Rakuten Advertising’s global event series, Dealmaker, landed in London for the European leg, and it was an exuberant affair held at The Brewery in the City. The event was buzzy and had that working+partying vibe from the outset. A great mix of (hard work) sessions for experts, with industry trends, case studies and collaboration all built to a high-energy party, lubricated throughout by committed quantities of coffee.

I opened the morning with a review of the 2023 Global Elite 1000 report, and the common characteristics of the best of the best.

Info on the day can be found on the Dealmaker Europe wrap-up, and there are some great photos by JOT.

Rakuten’s team kindly noted afterwards: “Ian Jindal rocked the stage at Rakuten Advertising’s DealMaker Europe event! He effortlessly connects with the audience and delivers captivating insights that are awe-inspiring. With his unparalleled expertise in retail and e-commerce, Ian unveiled the prestigious Global Elite 1000 and what it takes to be on that list, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended!”