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RetailCraft 33 – ”The detail and the dream” – Camilla Henriksson of H&M

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Camilla Henriksson is the Global Brand Innovation Manager at H&M, as well as the Global Head of Customer Experience for their Lifestyle Brands… that should give you a clue as to just how busy Camilla is, and the range of her interests. We caught up with her fresh from the launch of Atelier100, a global collaboration with another global Swedish powerhouse, IKEA. Atelier100 (https://www.atelier100.com/) is a project that seeks to ‘democratise design’ and has three objectives for the partnership: to find and support local creatives; to explore and support local production; and to work on local relevance.

This is an extraordinary project as a stand-alone, but when you consider it’s a joint endeavour between two global businesses it acquires an additional level of purpose, learning and connection.

During our conversation Camilla gives us an insight into her career and how she’s moved through product, visual merchandising, stores, digital, innovation, circular economy and sustainability… as well as in different parts of H&M. Her clarity on delivery, focus and learning is clear – and from her open conversation and enjoyment of her role we can see that humour and culture are definite contributing factors to success!

During our discussion we mentioned in passing the Grand Prix-winning project at Cannes Lions in 2021. Called “the Loop” it’s an in-store end-to-end recycling machine and you can see details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQhaZNWfZmY

We also discussed the role of Matter, the local/sourcing research consultancy, and you can see their work here: https://ma-tt-er.org/ 


All of our podcasts now have a full transcript and notes available – check out the episode page on https://internetretailing.net/retailcraft-retail-podcasts/retailcraft-retail-podcasts

Run time: 30 minutes


Camilla Henriksson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/camilla-henriksson-56863231/  

Jamie Merrick: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiemerrick/ 

Ian Jindal: www.linkedin.com/in/ianjindal/  and www.twitter.com/ianjindal 

Recorded and engineered at Spiritland Studios, UK.

Episode photo credit: Ian Jindal (https://www.instagram.com/ianjindal )



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