Speaking at ACSEL’s Paris conference: “économie numérique du e-commerce au réseaux sociaux”

ACSEL, now L’Association de l’économie Numérique, is France’s leading body representing eCommerce, multichannel and distance selling (Vente a Direct – VAD) working via digital channels (hence the name change to ‘numerique’).

On Tuesday January 20th they held a conference on eCommerce and social media, with representatives from across Europe looking at the adoption and commercial aspects of SM.

It was a fascinating and very engaged session – some 380 turned up, against a registered level of 120! – and the good folk at Baker and McKenzie (in their wonderful venue) did well to cope – the presentations were filmed and streamed live to an overflow room.

You can see the presentations from Spain, Italy, Slovakia, France, Germany and a Scandinavian overview at the conference page.

My presentation is available on slideshare, embedded below:

Ps069 Acsel

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2 thoughts on “Speaking at ACSEL’s Paris conference: “économie numérique du e-commerce au réseaux sociaux””

  1. Dear Mr Jindal,

    Is it possible that you send me your PP presentation about the digital economy from the ACSEL conference ? I’m writing a review and I can’t download it or print it on slideshare.


    Alain Cimaz

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