Breakfast Briefing – Emerging Trends for Internet Professionals

Breakfast Briefing – Emerging Trends for Internet Professionals | Training |

e-Consultancy have started offering Breakfast Briefings – early morning sessions on key issues for e-marketers, starting at 0800 and lasting about 2 hours. It’s a good way for people to be able to meet, get some stimulus and keep abreast of developments – and still get to the office for a near-full day’s work.

I’m pleased to have been asked to host the March event, where I’ll be looking at the emerging trends that should be of interest, concern or excitement to internet professionals.

Digital Marketing in 2007 :: Manchester Digital

I’m looking forward to speaking at the Manchester Digital/e-Consultancy “Digital Shorts” event in Manchester on 17 January.

Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief of InternetRetailing Magazine and portal and Business Consultant

Hot Topics for 2007
A frequent commentator on “Web 2.0” (by now, “so 2006”) Ian casts his eye over current and emerging marketing developments and sets out:
The marketing challenges to the digital customer of 2007
The aspects of Web 2.0 that should be carried forward
Emerging trends and capabilities of note to marketers
A quick reflection on the Christmas ‘winners and losers’

There’s plenty of time before and afterwards for chatting in the bar, so drop me a note if you’d like to make sure we meet, or if you’ve any questions you’d like me to cover.